Swim Workout #2

   500 Swim (Every 4th lap other than freestyle)
   I did backstroke every 4th lap. Rest for 30 Seconds then move into the Workout

Main Workout
   10 x 50’s (Freestyle down, backstroke back) (1:10)
   Focus on your turn and the push off the wall on your back. Try to make it past the flags with your dolphin kicks.

    2 x 200 (100 Drill, 100 Swim) (30 seconds rest between)
   Freestyle thumbtip drag drill followed by 100 swim at 70% effort

Cool Down
  200 Hypoxic (Breathe every 3, 5, 7 9)
    50 Dolphin Dives
Use the Dolphin Dives to stretch your back and legs while still gliding evenly through the water.

Total Distance 1,650 Meters

This workout took me 34 minutes, it’s not a long one, but it is a lot of endurance and turn work.

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