Training Log Tuesday 3-10-14

The Swim on Monday was Swim Workout #2
It’s great for working on your flip turns by perfecting the form from freestyle to backstroke.
This workout is also a good source of endurance work, with longer sets and less speed work.

Sunday was my first run for my “One Run a Month” goal. It was the March to Get Screened to benefit colon cancer research and prevention. It was an awesome run! Beautiful day- 50 degrees and sunny!

 After being on Mountain time for three weeks while snowboarding and have Daylight Savings time fall on the night before the run, this race felt exceptionally early, like three hours too early. But, I digress.

My sister and I ran it together, which always makes it more fun. Having a buddy to pump you up and hang out afterwards makes it feel a lot less like work!

In the end, my pace and final time were exactly where I wanted them to be and I managed to finish in the top two women finishers 🙂 I want to use this time of 23:34 as my base throughout the year as I finish each monthly run. Hopefully I can keep improving!

Then I finished my Sunday with a surf and relaxing with the K9’s at K9’s for Warriors, it’s not a bad way to add an extra 3 miles of running into your day…

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