Jay Alders Yoga

Why Yoga?

  Being an endurance athlete all of my life, I have never been good at “stopping to smell the roses.” I have struggled with disordered eating, perfectionist attitudes towards work and personal life, and obsessive compulsive anxiety for… Read More


What I Ate Wednesday #3

This WIAW is brought to you by the most epic surf so far this winter.  I’m going to take you through last Thursday’s eats with some Dawn patrol surf action. Literally, up before the sun. So my pre-surf meal… Read More

Treadmill Workout #1

This is a great High Intensity Interval Training Workout. This is designed to burn fat and keep your heart working through the different fat burning and aerobic zones. I’m going to give you my MPH in parenthesis, but… Read More

Swim Workout #3

Pyramid Workout: First of all, I LOVE PYRAMIDS. They’re entertaining and the workout flies by. This will be mainly alternating between form and progressive speed increases. Also, the warm-up and cool down are included in the pyramid. 400… Read More

Swim Workout #2

Warm-Up   500 Swim (Every 4th lap other than freestyle)   I did backstroke every 4th lap. Rest for 30 Seconds then move into the Workout Main Workout   10 x 50’s (Freestyle down, backstroke back) (1:10)   Focus on your turn… Read More