Centenarian Habits

Important Habits of Centenarians 1) Wake up early 2) Exercise in the morning 3) Drink more water and herbal teas 4) Naps- Have less dependence on caffeine and just rest if needed 5) Lift weights for healthy bones… Read More


Cranberry Sesame Nut Clusters

Cranberry Sesame Nut Clusters Serves 16-20 6 Cups of Mixed Nuts (I used 2 parts almonds, 1 part cashews, 1 part mixed nuts with less than 50% peanuts) 1/2 Cup of Dried Cranberries 3 Tbsp. of Toasted Sesame… Read More


Gingerbread Protein Bars

‘Tis the season for ginger and pumpkin¬†everything.¬† Naturally I crave ginger, but this time of year, I am flat out addicted. Candied ginger, ginger tea, ginger snaps, and alas, ginger protein bars! You name it, I want it…. Read More

Training Log Tuesday 2-3-14

Training Log Tuesday 1-28-2014

Swim Workout #1Click on the link above to see the swim workout from Monday. I’m going to post my Training Log after the week, instead of ahead. That way you know I really did it Email me at… Read More