Month: February 2014

Training Log Tuesday 2-24-14

Training Log Tuesday 2-17-14

Sorry for the delay! Very busy lately with travel, work, and new posts! Fun things coming soon 😉

Training Log Tuesday 2-10-14

HIIT Workout #1 from Thursday: (1X)    2 minutes walking at 3.7 MPH      (6X)    1.5 minute SPRINT 9.0 MPH           1 minute Jog 8.0 MPH           1.5 minute Walk …

MY Go-To’s!

Lately via Instagram and Facebook, I have been receiving some questions about go-to foods when you are busy and not sure of your schedule. Really, I am a planner. I can plan everything, over-analyze how my day will …

Training Log Tuesday 2-3-14