Centenarian Habits

Important Habits of Centenarians
1) Wake up early

2) Exercise in the morning
3) Drink more water and herbal teas
4) Naps- Have less dependence on caffeine and just rest if needed
5) Lift weights for healthy bones and muscles
6) Religion/Faith are important to each culture
7) Be optimistic
8) Create a List of your Goals
9) Get outdoors, yet protect yourself from the sun (hats, protective clothing, sunglasses)
Important Eating Habits of Centenarians

1) STOP EATING BEFORE FULL- Only eat to 80% full, it’s hard to do, but it’s great for digestion and weight control.
2) Eat your smallest meal later in the day. Try to eat your largest meal for breakfast or lunch, when you still have time to burn energy.
3) No more than four ounces red meat once per week. For many centenarian cultures they don’t eat a lot of meat.
4) Eat more plants in the form of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and especially beans
5) Eat slowly
6) Use more herbs and spices in cooking, less salt
7) Avoid sugar in all forms. A little honey or stevia is okay, as long as consumed in small amounts

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