A Healthy Body – Food For Thought

It’s easy to become consumed with the thoughts of losing weight, getting fit, or working off indulgences. In reality, every day we should be working to have the best body we can. We should eat the healthiest foods available to us, exercise when we have the time (or make it!), and have peace with the thoughts of nourishing our bodies. With all of the distractions that come with having a family and work, it never seems simple to work towards your best body that you can have. For some people it’s a number on the scale, or a certain size pants, or only eating organic food that makes them feel gratified with their progress. But for me it’s always wanting to do better. I want a better number, or a better size, or better choices of food, but it never seems to be enough for me to fully feel gratified.

With this, I have turned toward scripture. It helps me reset my mind to the purpose that should be the focus: “Glorify God in your body.”
 1 Corinthians 6, “Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you”

My goal is to be focused on making my body the temple that I choose. Meditate on the word, eat the most wholesome foods I can, and enjoy the exercise I get between busy work schedules and family time. Don’t let your mind make it harder than it is. Gratification and appreciation should be a daily event, no matter where you are at in your progress. So take a minute to thank God for your many blessings and then work towards making your body the temple you want it to be.

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