What I Ate Wednesday #2


This is my second WIAW and thanks Jenn for the Link up!

I woke up early today and went for a long soccer run. This is where I go down the beach dribbling, shooting the soccer ball at the dunes and pretend like I’m actually good at it 😉
I went about 3.4 miles in about 30 minutes. It wasn’t fast but I was changing direction and zig zagging a lot, which I think makes it a better workout..

I came back and got ready for work. At the office I had a feast of my Amino1 with Ginger brew and 2 clementines, 2 cereal protein balls, and 1 VitaFiber protein bar.


Around 10:30 I was hungry again and made an Openfaced PB2 and Sugar free jelly on Light whole grain bread. This is so good. I’m so disappointed when it’s over.


Around 1 or so I made lettuce wraps with ground turkey and a few Simply Sprouted Chips. IMG_1239

Then I got hungry again around 3, naturally. 🙂 Any morning I run, I’m a garbage disposal the rest of the day! I ate a few more cereal protein balls- I didn’t have a picture, but this was the whole batch. I only ate a few.

September 2013 Download 267


Then for dinner, we had a cheese plate of delicious cheeses from Trader Joes- gorgonzola blue, bacon cheddar, and another blue.

Followed by roasted butternut squash and sweet potato with goat cheese. SO DELICIOUS AND FILLING. I get why the French consider cheeses to be dessert at the end of a meal.



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  1. I’d say you had a ballin’ and bowl-ing day 😉 . Also, I’m with you on the morning workouts: they leave me ravenous all day. Hence why I stick with my evening ones unless a change of schedule is absolutely neccessary.

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