Training Log Tuesday 2-10-14

HIIT Workout #1 from Thursday:
(1X)    2 minutes walking at 3.7 MPH
(6X)    1.5 minute SPRINT 9.0 MPH
           1 minute Jog 8.0 MPH
           1.5 minute Walk 4.0 MPH
(1X)    4 minutes walking at 4.0 MPH
**Make sure you adjust this to your speeds for your sprints. I average about 8.4 when I’m going for a consistent, not High Intensity Interval Training. With that being said, you may feel more comfortable sprinting at 8.5 MPH and jogging at 7.5 MPH. Stay within your comfort levels and adjust so your sprints keep your heart rate high and your walks allow your heart rate to recover** 

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