Acai Energy (Product Review)

I wanted to fill you all in on my morning secret drink! It’s delicious, low calorie, low sugar, and gives you caffeine from natural tea sources.

**This is not a paid sponsorship, this is truly a product I drink every morning and occasionally once more in the afternoon** :)



Why Do I Love it? In only one serving it has:
-A great flavor!
-It’s loaded with B Vitamins
-It only has 1 gram of sugar
-It has 100% of your Vitamin C needs
-70 mg of natural caffeine from yerba mate and green teas.
-Apple, grape, cocoa bean, and green tea extracts

For more information on the product, click here. To buy the product for a good price with free shipping using Amazon Prime, click here.


I love this in the morning mixed half and half with my Homemade Ginger Brew :)

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