Swim Workout #2

   500 Swim (Every 4th lap other than freestyle)
   I did backstroke every 4th lap. Rest for 30 Seconds then move into the Workout

Main Workout
   10 x 50’s (Freestyle down, backstroke back) (1:10)
   Focus on your turn and the push off the wall on your back. Try to make it past the flags with your dolphin kicks.

    2 x 200 (100 Drill, 100 Swim) (30 seconds rest between)
   Freestyle thumbtip drag drill followed by 100 swim at 70% effort

Cool Down
  200 Hypoxic (Breathe every 3, 5, 7 9)
    50 Dolphin Dives
Use the Dolphin Dives to stretch your back and legs while still gliding evenly through the water.

Total Distance 1,650 Meters

This workout took me 34 minutes, it’s not a long one, but it is a lot of endurance and turn work.

Training Log Tuesday 3-3-14

Sorry for the delay! As you can see I have been snowboarding for three weeks, my legs are dead! But now I’m home and it’s time to kick into gear.
 This Sunday starts my triathlon training schedule and my One-Race-A-Month Kickoff.
I will be doing one organized run a month, starting with the March to Get Screened. I’m super excited my sister decided to do it with me, I’ve missed her like crazy this past three weeks and she’s always game to do a last minute crazy activity with me. Thank goodness for those people in your life that are willing to do activities with you and motivate you to stick to your goals!
 Anyways, here is the training schedule I will be following below:

The Race on this Sunday will count as my 20 Minute Run and I will come home and finish the swim later in the day. It’s all a work in progress. But every once and awhile you need to take a deep breath and set new goals. After some deep soul searching in the mountains, these are my health and fitness goals that I set up for myself. We’ll see how I’ve done in 13 weeks!

 – One Run/Race a Month
 – Give up sweets and alcohol for Lent (It’s a good time to cleanse when you want to up your training)
 – Two yoga sessions a week with my husband (This goal is for both of us because it’s important to stretch and breathe into muscles you normally don’t allow yourself time to think about or focus on)
 – Follow triathlon training schedule- even if it means breaking the workouts up to more than one session a day. (Just because you have long work days or a family, doesn’t mean you can’t break up your training and fit it in!)
 -Read 30 minutes a day (This is important for me to schedule in- I will put this off, but I have realized that reading allows my mind to escape and relax, it’s a way to de-stress for me. It’s time I put it as a priority, so I truly have begun writing 30 minute reading appointments into my schedule)

Find YOUR goals! Make them realistic, write them out, schedule them into your calendar like doctor’s appointments. They are important too!

Training Log Tuesday 2-24-14

Training Log Tuesday 2-17-14

Sorry for the delay! Very busy lately with travel, work, and new posts! Fun things coming soon ;)

Training Log Tuesday 2-10-14

HIIT Workout #1 from Thursday:
(1X)    2 minutes walking at 3.7 MPH
(6X)    1.5 minute SPRINT 9.0 MPH
           1 minute Jog 8.0 MPH
           1.5 minute Walk 4.0 MPH
(1X)    4 minutes walking at 4.0 MPH
**Make sure you adjust this to your speeds for your sprints. I average about 8.4 when I’m going for a consistent, not High Intensity Interval Training. With that being said, you may feel more comfortable sprinting at 8.5 MPH and jogging at 7.5 MPH. Stay within your comfort levels and adjust so your sprints keep your heart rate high and your walks allow your heart rate to recover**