Swim Workout #1

Warm Up: 300 Yds Freestyle (Every 4th Lap Other than Freestyle)

Pyramid:  50 Fly Kick on your Stomach
               100 IM Drill
               150 Freestyle Drill -Thumbtip Drag
               200 Hypoxic Freestyle (Increasing by 50’s – breathe every 3,5,7,9 strokes)
               150 Freestyle Drill – Two Hand Touch
               100 IM Drill
               50 Fly Kick on your Stomach

Cool-Down: 200 Hypoxic Reverse (Decreasing by 50’s – breathe every 9,7,5,3 strokes)

Tips: Thumbtip Drag- Make sure you aren’t focusing on speed. Focus on a strong kick that allows you to slowly drag your thumbtips up your side. Keep your elbows high.

Two hand touch- Keep your kick up, that’s the only way to survive six laps of this drill.

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